Do you think you have what it takes? ​
Let’s see what you got!


The Apartment

If this is your first escape room, get ready  for a challenging test of your strategic  thinking. Creative, fun and perfect for the  whole family. Your friend asked you to come to his  apartment  to show you something important. Upon entering, the  door closes  and  locks behind you, your trapped! Was  this a mere coincidence or was this your  friend’s  idea of a prank? Either way, only  one way to find  out.

jailbreak (1)


 You’ve been incarcerated in a supermax prison for a crime you may or may not have commited. In 60 minutes you will be transported to a blacksite prison. If you get onto that transport you will never be seen or heard from again. You are about to attempt something that has never been done before. Good luck!!

Escape The Bar

During the prohibition era in the early 1900’s, you and your friends go to an illegal bar for a night out. Within minutes you discover that the police are converging on the bar. The owners escaped and locked the doors behind them. With the police only minutes away, you must find a way out…

Mob Hit

Don Byron Amaro has been murdered in his  office last night. You and your team are FBI agents  that were just brought onto the case. If you don’t  catch the killer within about 60 minutes then the  Dons family will declare war on all the other gangs.  Can you stop the gang war and potentially save  hundreds of lives?